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THIS IS OUR LAST BATCH FOR OUR EXTREMES. We will be focusing on our hand crafted Scotch Bonnets Hot Sauces in 2021. Watch out! This Scorpion will bite! Challenge your taste buds with our Scorpion hot sauce and find out if you can handle the HEAT and FLAVOR of one of the HOTTEST PEPPERS in the WORLD! To make this hot sauce a stinging sensation, we begin with Scorpion peppers (aka the Trinidad Scorpion) specially grown to our unique specifications. Only the very highest quality and hottest scorpion peppers will do! We pick them at the peak of their heat and flavor, when their color is a fiery bright red, and mix them with our special blend of all natural spices and seasonings to create a truly tasty HEAT FORWARD experience! Once bitten, you’ll be coming back for more and more and more.

All sauces ship in 5 oz. (148mL) glass bottles to retain freshness and flavor. Includes a cheater cap for squirting just the right amount of hot sauce.

Ingredients: Scorpion peppers, Vinegar, Prepared mustard (white vinegar, water, mustard seed, spices, salt, turmeric) Salt, Vegetable oil.

Scoville Units: 1.2 Million

Available in EXTREME PACK.

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