About Us


Real Heat! Real Flavour! Your Food is Worth a Squirt.

Our main ingredient is the peppers, no extracts! The sodium levels in our products are extremely low keeping our nation and the world healthy. 

Produced in Canada, our all natural hot sauces are made with our own peppers and no extracts so you can feel the flavour and heat without burning off your mouth. Our sauces are all about flavour,  blended with pure passion to create sauces that elevate your eating experience every time you bite in.

Worth a Squirt Hot Sauces create refreshing, flavourful sauces using the highest quality, natural ingredients. We are committed to provide a unique food experience that satisfies even the most sophisticated palette with the right amount of heat and an unexpected burst of complementary flavours.

Our scotch bonnet peppers are farmed in South America and Jamaica, on our own farms without the use of harmful pesticides! Only the finest peppers are selected for export to our epic facility in Canada. 

This perfect balance of heat and flavour creates our amazing Original, Garlic, Mango, Lime and Pineapple Hot Sauces. Our Ghost, Carolina Reaper and Scorpion peppers used to make our extreme sauces are grown locally in Canada.