At Worth A Squirt, we have a passion to hand craft premium, high quality hot sauces.

We started on a quest to find hot sauce with good heat AND flavor and came up empty handed time after time. Hot Sauce shouldn’t just be about a mouth and ass burning experience! “Where is the FLAVOR?,” we thought to ourselves.  Since it was nowhere to be found we knew it was time for us to come to the rescue. After much trial and error (and many scorched tongues) we finally cracked the hot sauce code.

Introducing Worth A Squirt hot sauces! The sauce with REAL heat and REAL flavor that goes great on just about everything.

At Worth A Squirt we start with only the finest quality peppers imported directly from the Caribbean. We then bring these flavorful fruits together with a careful blend of seasonings and spices to create the most delicious sauce you have ever tasted. Once you try Worth a Squirt you’ll never go back to “boring” hot sauces again.

Here at Worth A Squirt our drive for perfection shows and we know one taste of our delicious and unique sauces and you’ll be hooked!  So if you are just looking for an ass burn, we are not the hot sauce for you but if flavor and heat are your thing then Squirt On!!

Try Worth A Squirt hot sauce today because YOU’RE WORTH IT!